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trafficcops web imageMinicams provided 5 HD IK-HD1 on board camera systems to Mentorn Media for the filming of their latest series of Traffic Cops.

In 2012 Minicams provided a fixed rig to The BBC show Traffic Cops. All previous series of Traffic Cops had been shot in SD and with the show moving to HD delivery, a more comprehensive solution was required. Minicams recommended the ultra-compact Toshiba IK-HD1, 3 CCD HD camera, combined with their rugged on-board system.  Everything is housed in a small peli case with external battery for continuous recording of up to 7 hours and 3 channels of audio for both radio and wired mic inputs.

Minicams did a comprehensive analysis of the workflow and extended filming durations that would be required throughout the day and the NanoFlash was the obvious choice with cheap media, small footprint and low power consumption. Footage was backed up on raided drives and logged using XDCAM browser software.

The on-board kits can be quickly deployed in the boot of the police cars and controlled by the cameraman in the rear seat. Here, he has access to a small HD monitor to check camera settings and a remote record switch to operate the NanoFlash. We can now even provide control of the camera CCU from a standard iphone or ipad!!

The on-board kits are assembled to the highest standards based upon solid engineering principles to guarantee ease of operation, reliability and outstanding HD picture quality. This has enabled us to provide an uninterrupted platform for 20 weeks of continuous filming, including Mentorn Media’s spin off Show “Motorway Cops”.

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