Fixed Rig Filming

fixed rig filming

Minicams: a trusted supplier to broadcasters, film makers and independent production companies.
There are many organizations that can help producers install basic minicam equipment. But there are very few that can do it at a moment’s notice. There are even fewer that can work at speed and meet today’s incredibly tight deadlines. And it’s even rarer to find a company that has the experience, skill and equipment you need… and can offer you highly competitive pricing.

Using robotic camera systems and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) heads, Minicams can deliver highly flexible, full HD multi-camera productions at a fraction of the cost of manned camera positions. The use of low profile heads and the skilful placement of microphones gives producers total flexibility to cover every angle and create dynamic programmes.

The Minicams crew has been extensively involved with this genre of filming for years, winning an RTS award for its work on series 1 of Family. Subsequently, the team has been involved in many observational documentaries including the first HD 24/7 fixed rig for The Gardens ‘Seven Dwarves’ and most recently ITV’s Happy Families, ‘Medicating Lewisham’ for Knickerbockerglory and ‘Marines’ for Twofour.

With this vast experience, we can advise on everything from camera and mic placements to tapeless recording systems and workflow management.

• Broadcast-approved HD cameras
• Skilled installers and technicians
• Highly experienced operators

To discuss your production or ask us for advice, please email or call us.

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