On-board systems

Minicams Fwd facing & dual in-car system

Robust, versatile production systems designed to fit any space.
Producers now expect no compromise when it comes to shooting and recording. Today, no space is too limited: every environment is a potential shooting location.

Minicams designs, develops and builds bespoke HD minicam on-board rigs, to suit every filming requirement. Our engineers can install camera and microphone systems into any type of vehicle, be it in-car, aerial or marine vessel. We have a range of cameras and recorders to suit all scenarios and budgets and can provide expert advice to help you choose the right kit for the job.

Proven in the field to be highly robust and totally reliable, our on-board systems are specifically designed for broadcast use. They meet the needs of producers who need extended recording times and mains-free operation. Featuring up-to 4 channels of fixed and wireless mics, the rigs are quick and easy to install and simple to de-rig.

Minicams’ bespoke in-car systems have been used on a number of rigs including World’s Most Dangerous Roads, Traffic Cops, Motorway Cops and Barely Legal Drivers.

• Audio and video systems installed in every kind of vehicle
• Designed to operate continuously for hours
• Remote control options available for creative results

To discuss your production or ask us for advice, please email or call us.

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