Swit S-1048H 4.8 Inch LCD Monitor

Day rate: £20
Swit S-1048H 4.8 Inch LCD Monitor

The Swit S-1048H monitor is perfect for mounting on top of your camera as an additional viewing source.  This monitor can accept composite, HD-SDI & SD-SDI signals.The monitor also has stereo Audio bar level display, 4:3 Safety marker, looping composite/HD-SD output and 3 selectable user defined picture settings.

It produces fantastic picture quality and has a wide viewing angle. In addition to being capable of accepting power from a DV style battery, the S-1048A has a 4 pin XLR 12v DC power connector for added power versatility.

Key Features

  • Tally Lamp;
  • Underscan and Overscan switch
  • Stereo audio level indicator
  • Safety mark indicator
  • Magnesium Alloy Shell


  • Screen Size:     4.8-inch
  • Viewing Angle:     H/V: 130°/110°
  • Resolution:     800xRGBx480
  • Brightness:     350cd/m²
  • Contrast:     300:1
  • Aspect Ratio:     16:9/4:3
  • Color System:     PAL/NTSC
  • Working Voltage:     DC 12V(Battery pack 7.2V/14.4V)
  • Rated Power:     less than or equal to 10W
  • Dimension:     5.6×4.9×1.7inch/141x114x42mm
  • Net Weight:    1.5 lb/680g
  • Signal input/output
  • HD-SDI input/output:    Yes
  • SD-SDI input/output:    Yes
  • Composite input/output:    Yes




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