10 reasons to hire the Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam

Superior choice of lenses: The Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam has an increasingly wider range of C-mount lenses available. This provides huge benefits compared to cameras such as the Panasonic POVCAM, which have integrated zoom lenses and require external wide angle adapters to be screwed to the front of the camera housing. The lenses available for the Toshiba IK-HD1 camera, such as the new megapixel Meuser Optik 3.5mm lens, offer vastly superior resolution with lower image distortion performance than other minicams with integrated lenses.

Global shutter : The Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam has a 3 CCD image sensor with global shutter. This means that it does not suffer from motion artifacts such as  Wobble/ jello effect, Skew, Smear or Partial Exposure, as exhibited by a CMOS based camera such as the Panasonic POVACM or GoPro HD Hero2. This means that the Toshiba IK-HD1 camera is ideal for dealing with high levels of vibrations and scenes containing areas of fast moving objects. This makes the camera the ideal choice for in-car or any on-board applications.

Robust and highly reliable: We have used the Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam for a wide range of demanding filming applications, from the freezing cold to boiling hot conditions. In off-road cars, planes and helicopters to name but a few. The camera has consistently performed to provide stunning footage with the ability to cope with all of these physically demanding scenarios.

BBC HD certified: The Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam is certified for BBC HD filming requirements with suitable external recorder, such as the NanoFlash.

Increased light sensitivity: The Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam is more sensitive to light than other CMOS minicams, such as the Panasonic POVCAM, Sony HXR-MC1P or Go Pro HD Hero cameras. This makes it the perfect choice for filming in low levels of light, where other cameras may struggle.

Various camera cable lengths up to 30m: The Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam system comprises of two parts, the camera head and CCU. These are joined together by a detachable multi-core cable, which is available in lengths of 3m, 6m, 10m and 30m. This gives you the choice and ability to use the correct length of cable, depending on your filming requirements.

Small form factor: At only 65 grams, the tiny 1.6” camera head goes anywhere you need it.

External reference input: This enables the camera to be used in any multi-camera  situation, where being able to genlock the camera is essential for accurate lip-sync and live cutting between other line cameras.

RS 232C serial interface: This allows the Toshiba IK-HD1 camera to be remotely controlled by third-party controllers or even an iphone, running our custom control software. All CCU functions including paint, gain, shutter etc can be controlled to match cameras and set correct levels.

Ideal for 3D: Due to their small form factor, external reference inputs and choice of lenses, these minicams are ideally suited for 3D stereo rigs.







New Meuser Optik 3.5mm lens available for the Toshiba IK-HD1

We are excited to be able to offer a new lens for our Toshiba IK-HD1 minicams!!  The new Meuser Optik 3.5mm (69° FOV) 1/3” prism compatible HD lens offers improved optics and vastly superior resolution with lower image distortion performance.

This lens will greatly enhance the performance of our Toshiba IK-HD1 cameras by releasing the full HD potential of the Toshiba IK-HD1. Please contact us  to arrange a demo of this amazing new lens and see how it will integrate with our HD on-board and in-car minicam systems.

Are you a minicam specialist or specialist camera technican?

Minicams are always looking to increase their pool of freelancers and are currently looking for new and talented crew.

If you are a minicam specialist or an experienced specialist camera technician/ engineer, then please get in touch.

Revolutionary wireless robotic head now available for hire

The VT-1 system allows you to control cameras wirelessly  at a distance, with a video feed that helps you compose your shots.
The key to the VT-1 system is that it is self contained, being quick and easy to deploy. It has an integral Lithium battery, so all you need is something to mount it on! This can be anything from a wall, floor or even a tree mount!
It works with a variety of cameras:

Canon: XF100, XF105, XF300, XF305

Full camera control is provided by the wireless remote joystick control, that also combines a video display of the camera output.

This is going to be a great solution for many types of filming ranging from Wildlife, covert and filming in hazardous conditions. There will soon be a static version of the VT-1, which will provide all the same functionality, apart from pan and tilt.

Please call us to arrange a demo or hire.

Book your fixed-rig demo!

We have setup our fixed-rig system in the camera room, which is now available for demos upon request.

Here you will be able to see the HD multi-camera robotic system in use, in conjunction with a relevant mixer, multi-viewer display and tapeless recording system.

Please call 020 7183 8600 to arrange a demo.

Camera test room now available

We now have a dedicated camera test room available for anyone wishing to test equipment prior to hiring.

The facilities available are:

  • Vision engineer specialising in minicams
  • HD reference monitor
  • Test charts
  • 3D brain and display
  • ProRes, MXF or Avid DNxHD recording for generation of test clips
  • Tea and coffee!

New hire management software introduced

We are now  using inspHire’s latest version of their popular asset management system for our rapidly increasing range of equipment.

This systems offers our clients many advantages:

  • Streamlines the entire hire process
  • Accurate and instant  information on equipment availability and pricing
  • Immediate access to equipment support documents such as manuals, serial numbers, loading lists weights and dimensions
  • Document Generation.  Each inspHire hire contract can generate the following documentation: Picking Lists, Delivery Notes, Hire Agreements, Collection Notes, and Advance Invoices.


minicams move to new premises

We have moved to larger premises in Staines, to accommodate our rapidly expanding range of specialist cameras and support equipment.

The new unit combines a large kit preparation area with test benches, engineering station, camera room and drive in roller shutter doors.

CLICK here for new address and map.


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